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    Genesis 28:15
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Posted by on Dec 12, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

John’s Blog- The Right Fit

It was Sunday afternoon and my wife told me that someone from Cedar Lake Lodge was going to be coming for a clothing pick up on Monday.  She asked if I had anything that I wanted to donate, so we both headed upstairs to check our closets.  We found a number of items.  Then I decided to check the closet in the study that only I use.  Imagine my shock when I found four pair of what looked like new pants.

I have lost some weight, so I decided to see if I could wear them.  I was thrilled to discover that I could. Then I said, “But how did those pants get in there?”  Suddenly I realized exactly how they had gotten in the other closet.  As I had gained weight over the last two years, each time I put on a pair of pants that was too tight I would move it to the other closet so that I would not be reminded of my weight gain. Gradually, I had moved those four and bought pants with expandable waists because they were more comfortable. I had forgotten all about the pants that were now out of sight and out of mind!

I began to wonder if this is how we get into so much trouble in our relationships.  Do we just gradually stop saying, “I love you?”  Do we just gradually stop listening to our spouse, to our children? Can we no longer remember when it happened because it came on so slowly over time?  The truth is that as many, if not more, relationships die of apathy as die of anger.

So here is a weird thought for a Christmas gift to give to your spouse and or to your children—for Christmas, give them back the good you that you were before you gradually slipped into the grumpy you that you have become.  Surprise your spouse and your children by listening to them and showing your love for them. Who knows, they might just appreciate you more than whatever that gift is you are planning to buy for them.

Surprise them by showing them that even though the pants may not still buckle, you can still slip right into the love you have for each other.  Give it a shot. It is, after all, the season for miracles!


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