Centennial Year

1916 – 2016 100 Years at Harvey Browne

Our theme for the Centennial year was SHARING GOD’S LOVE, GENERATION TO GENERATION, inspired by the 100th Psalm.  This congregation has demonstrated God’s love across generations, and passed down the good news of gospel throughout the generations.  We are looking forward to what God has in store for the next 100 years.

The church was chartered on August 13, 1916. It began 25 years earlier as a mission Sunday School of the Crescent Hill Presbyterian Church, ably supervised by Elder Hugh Barret of the Highland Presbyterian Church, with occasional worship led by area ministers and seminary students.  The church was organized when the families in St. Matthews petitioned the Louisville Presbytery for their own congregation.  Contrary to the usual sequence, they already had a church building, thanks to Hugh Barret for the land and Edmonia Browne Roberts for the building costs.  And so it began.