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Session met on October 6 and discussed re-opening the building for worship in the current pandemic. Session decided that in-person worship will be suspended through November 8. However, plans are currently being formed to re-open worship in limited numbers later in November, with online worship remaining the primary mode of worship for the congregation.

The building would still be closed except for appointments and approved groups smaller than 10 attendees. The re-opening decision depends greatly on factors measured by public health assessment tools. Session will meet to re-assess this decision on November 10.

Worship Services

Our online Worship can be viewed on the HBPres Facebook page and our YouTube Chanel. See the Worship Tab at the top or click on the links below to view our Worship services.

Live Streaming of Worship Service Sundays at 10:30 AM

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Harvey Browne office is operating on-site. Effective immediately, the office will operating on-site Mondays-Thursdays, 9:00-5:00 PM, but the building is still closed. Call us with questions or email us at: Cheryl Granger (cherylgranger@hbpres.net) or Samantha Lund (samanthalund@hbpres.net).

Do you need assistance? HBPres recognizes that we have members who are over 60 or who may need assistance retrieving prescriptions, groceries, or other necessary items but may not be able to do so. Please reach out to our office if you need an extra pair of hands because we have volunteers available to assist with these tasks. Let’s support one another and assist each other when we need it – call the office for further details.