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Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
311 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

  • Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
    Psalms 86:4
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HBPres Centennial Project And Capital Campaign

 HBPres Centennial Project And Capital Campaign

For nearly 100 years Harvey Browne Memorial Presbyterian Church has ministered to St. Matthews and surrounding communities, spreading God’s word and sharing God’s love. It has done this from its present location on Browns Lane since 1952. The church lost a key part of its identity in the mid-1990s, however, when repeated efforts failed to stop the roof from leaking above the Sanctuary forcing removal of the church’s steeple. Since then, we have been something of an invisible presence, having little on the front of our building that lets people know we are a church except for a small, aging sign with our name and the seal of the Presbyterian Church (USA). Hundreds of people pass each day with little clue as to what happens behind our big brick wall. How much better would it be if the front of our building announced to the world that we are place where God’s grace abounds, where seekers can explore their faith and believers can put their faith into practice?

As part of the 100th anniversary celebration at HBPres in 2016, we want to convert our “front yard” into just such a place. We want to let people know that inside and outside our big brick walls there exists a wonderfully exciting faith community of which they might be a part. To accomplish this goal, we have commissioned Guy Tedesco, the artist who designed the magnificent cross that hangs in the front of our Sanctuary, to create a freestanding cross to be erected in front of our building. This sculpted piece will stand more than 20 feet tall and replicate the look and feel of the cross that greets worshippers in the Sanctuary.

The cross is the universal symbol of our Christian faith, reminding us of God’s saving grace through Jesus Christ. The exterior cross along Browns Lane will do several things:

  • It will extend the beauty of our worship space into our community.
  • It will be an artistic creation in its own right and a distinctive feature of HB
  • It will tell the world our big brick structure is, indeed, a church.
  • It will let people know that those who gather around it are followers of Jesus Christ.

The cross will become our steeple on the ground. It will reflect the colorful nature of our Sanctuary cross and, like it, will consist of dozens of individual crosses of various sizes. Each cross will be made of glass and attached to a bronze structure designed to withstand nature’s elements. As with the interior cross, the design will reflect the fact that we are individuals who together form a community of faith. And as was done in creating the Sanctuary cross, church members will have an opportunity to help create the new exterior structure.

The cross will be surrounded by a roughly 14,000-square foot garden that will reflect the wonder of God’s creation and be a place where people can walk or sit quietly to reflect, meditate and pray. The garden will also be a place where church members can remember their loved ones. Our church was started in memory of Dr. Harvey Browne. What more fitting way to recognize our centennial than to create a place where those who have been part of this faith community can also be remembered.

The final element of this centennial project will be an electronic sign in the part of the garden nearest to Browns Lane that will tell the community of the many exciting ministries at HBPres.

This three-fold project—cross, sign and garden—will be the central component of a capital campaign envisioned as part of the church’s centennial in 2016. This Centennial Campaign will seek to raise $430,000 and include four other components:

  • A new roof for our aging building, the newest part of which was built in the 1980s.
  • Replenishing money borrowed from the facilities reserve fund to balance the church’s operating budget in 2014.
  • An outreach component in the form of a multi-year gift to Habitat for Humanity.
  • A small financial cushion for our centennial celebration.

The campaign will launch in the fall of 2015, preceded by a “silent phase” during the summer, and conclude at the end of 2016. The theme of our centennial celebration will be Sharing God’s Love, Generation to Generation. The accomplishments achieved through this Centennial Campaign will be enjoyed well into the church’s next 100 years.

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