Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church

Food Services Director

Job Description


Principal function: Plan and prepare meals for Harvey Browne’s weekly Wednesday Night Dinners, overseeing the operation of the kitchen and dining areas.


  • Plan meals; purchase, prepare, and serve food for all scheduled Wednesday Night Dinners. May be requested to help for other church for social functions at a separate pay.
  • Provide coordination for volunteer workers; train workers in proper food preparation and service.
  • Maintain high standards of sanitation in cleanliness of cooking utensils, dishes, glasses, silverware, and in food handling, preparation, service, storage, and so forth, to assure compliance with local health and sanitation laws; maintain clean work areas, storage bins, and so forth.
  • Prepare proposed food service budget; administer it when approved, maintaining accurate records in cost and operation with the help of the Church Administrator.
  • Maintain inventory of food supplies.
  • Inform the Building Manager when equipment in the kitchen may need service, repairs, or replacement.
  • Work with the Building Manager on table and room arrangements for all meals and social functions.
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Church Administrator or the Congregational Life Committee.

Date Range: September – May, roughly 26 weeks per year

For questions or to apply, email jobsathbpres@gmail.com.