Changes are Coming

With your safety in mind, we will make some gradual changes to enjoy being with our church family in person.  This will require all of us to share the responsibility of keeping others safe by correctly wearing the safest mask you have.  Keep your COVID vaccine status up to date to keep those around you safe.  With all of us working together we look forward to the time soon when we can gather without masks.

Worship will continue as a hybrid (both in-person and virtually) with those in the sanctuary asked to refrain from singing.  On Sunday, February 6th all Sunday School classes will resume, groups will be welcome to meet in church, and youth activities will again be in person.  If the Omicron surge decreases as expected Sunday, February 20th the breakfast before Sunday School will return and we will sing joyfully to God during worship.  Then on Wednesday, February 23rd we will again enjoy eating Dudley’s delicious meals.

As many of us proceed to being at church we do respect those who choose to remain home and will provide many meetings as hybrid.  Another thing we’ve learned is that Zoom socialization can be fun and that will continue.  We ask you to carefully choose what is best for you and arrive safe and healthy at the end of the pandemic for an exciting future at HBPres.