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Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
311 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

  • Gladden the soul of your servant, for to you, O Lord, I lift up my soul.
    Psalms 86:4
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Through the Artist’s Eyes

Through the Artist’s Eyes

Over seven years ago when I first had the opportunity to work with HBPres, I began as I begin all my commissions.  The first order of business was to learn about the people that had commissioned me—in that case to create new liturgical furnishings for your remodeled sanctuary.  Part of my calling is to use the talents God gave me as an artist to help my patrons and all who will view my work see themselves in the finished pieces.

Through my interaction with church members at many wonderful events it became immediately evident that HBPres is, first and foremost, about community.  A community called together, knitted together and held together in mutual support and communion by a shared faith in God and in each other.

The main goal of my work—our work together—is to inspire all who view it. The work we created in the past has exceeded all of these goals and more.  Countless times I’ve spoken to individuals who have been positively affected and inspired by our work.  When given the opportunity to work with you once again to create an inspirational piece, I leapt at the chance.

I am often heard to say that when we create lasting works of art, we are not merely honoring our history, we are creating history.  As we create this work together and place it proudly in the most visible place on the grounds at HBPres, surrounded by a magnificent garden, we will create history.  We will honor the past 100 years, the founding and continual growth of faith and community at HBPres.  We will make a statement of who we are proud to be today and inspire all who will view it now and for the next 100 years.

I often find it difficult to attach names to the things I create. In this case I toyed with several titles, all simple and practical.  A Multi-Sculpture. A Centennial Sculpture. I think Community Sculpture suits it best, for it will belong not only to the community that is HBPres but the surrounding community as well.

As with the Chancel Cross, I hope that the members of HBPres will take the opportunity to leave their fingerprints permanently cast into the glass pieces that I will use to create the finished sculpture.  God puts us on this earth together to act in His stead.  God is always here with us, often in ways that we cannot begin to know or understand.  We are called to be the tangible presence of God for each other.  We are the fingers of God’s hand in each other’s lives, leaving our fingerprints on all that we touch.

The many multi-colored glass crosses, deeply spiritual and soulful, both strong and delicate, will enable us to be seen as individuals of faith.

The bronze structure that will provide formidability, timeless endurance, communion and connectedness will unify the individual crosses, showing us as a community of faith.

These elements and this sculpture will be enhanced by a setting of natural beauty where members will be able to memorialize those who have gone before us.  Together they will be a celebration and a message of inspiration to all who will view them, now and for generations to come.

Guy Tedesco