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Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
311 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

  • Know that I am with you and will keep you wherever you go
    Genesis 28:15
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Services Online

To view videos of our Sunday Worship service in the Sanctuary, please visit the HBPres YouTube channel using the link below.   


HBPres channel


Be sure to subscribe to our channel so you will be notified when a video has been uploaded.  


  1. Thanks for sharing a message of togetherness, inspired by the scripture, when doing so requires physical separation for the good of all. Love bonds us and facing this coronavirus as a world community will bring all humanity closer.

  2. Thanks to all for giving us this connection to our community and for giving us the hope that we all need.

  3. Keep the on-line services coming. Keep up the good work!
    We appreciate the opportunity to tune in and view the same. THANKS

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