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Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Uncategorized | 0 comments

John’s Blog- Just Sayin’

I sat down on a Thursday morning a few weeks ago next to my bowl of cereal and morning paper.  The headline read, “Food stamps cut 36 dollars a month, more cuts still being debated.”  Thursday is one of my two mini-fast days.  In order to lose some weight, I had been eating 600 calories two days of each week.  I stayed on my regular diet the other days.  I have now reached my goal and am simply trying to maintain my weight, so I still eat my 200-calorie breakfast four days a week.  Odd isn’t it, to be reading about people not able to get enough to eat as I sit fretting over eating too much?

 Our miniature Dachshund, Teddy, scratched on the door as I was pouring my coffee.  I let him in and opened the drawer where we keep his treats.  He gets one a day and he absolutely loves them.  They are supposed to be good for his breath and his teeth.  They may be helping his teeth but his breath—well? I think they cost 17 dollars and these are the generic version!

 I sat back down and starred at the headline.  Hum, 36 dollars and my dog is getting treats that cost 17.  Oh yes, this is in addition to his low calorie dog food.

 Then there is that story about Ruth that we find in scripture.  Ruth is a widow.  She is living in a culture where it is very hard for a single woman to survive.  The law among God’s people was that when grain was harvested there should always be some left in the field for the poor, the orphans and the widows.  Ruth will wind up gathering food in the field of Boaz, who tells his servants to be sure and leave enough grain behind. He and Ruth will eventually be married.  Ruth you will see when you come to the New Testament is listed in the lineage of none other than Jesus.  Our Lord came into the world, in a sense, because someone remembered the poor and the hungry.

 I got up from my empty cereal bowl and thought about still being a little hungry. But then again that was my choice.


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