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Harvey Browne Presbyterian Church
311 Browns Lane
Louisville, KY 40207

  • …faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.
    Hebrew 11:1
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Cabbage Patch

Cabbage Patch Christmas Ministry

Cabbage Patch Christmas 2019


Your Cabbage Patch Christmas Team met and made the decision to continue our Christmas support with clothing, toys and groceries for 20 families, which is about 70 people. The Cabbage Patch has informed us that shopping for clothing with the mother’s assistance immensely helps the needs of the growing children. With this in mind, we also decided to increase the amount of money we provide for each individual when we shop at Burlington with the mothers for clothing and housewares. Food provided in baskets sustains the families when the children are out of school during Christmas break.

This amount for our shoppers at Burlington will be $75 per person.
The amount for groceries will be $40 per person.

We pray that this will encourage the families to know the Holy Spirit’s presence in a new way.

Here is our “save the date” list of events pertaining to Cabbage Patch Christmas:

September 29 – December 31

  • Donations of money to help with the cost

September 29

  • Moment for Ministry, Bob Smith

October 29

  • Special Offering


  • Grocery Cart items

November 9

  • Shopping with Cabbage Patch mothers at Burlington at 8:30 AM

November 13 – December 18

  • Wednesdays & Sundays wrapping Burlington gifts in Room 209

November 17 – December 8

  • Get a gift tag for children. Return gifts on or before December15

November 24

  • Special Offering

December 20

  • Sort groceries & gifts in Emory Hall at 6:00 PM

December 22

  • Deliver gifts to the Cabbage Patch families right after worship

September 29 – December 22 (and beyond!) we will offer prayers for this mission of  HBPres and the families we serve.


Thank you for your continued support of this special project.


Your Christmas Cabbage Patch team,
Anne, Al, Bob, Heather, Julie, Laura, Linda, Nancy, and Wilma


If you would like to pursue more  volunteer opportunities at the Cabbage Patch please contact their Volunteer Coordinator at (502) 753-4457 or go to their website,